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Philoctetes sculpticollis by Gian Luca Agnoli -
Bologna, Italy, summer 2000.. Canon T90 in Stop-down mode, lens Kiev 80/2.8 inverted on Canon Bellows-R (100mm extension), manual diaphragm (f/22), Canon Macro Ring Lite ML2 in TTL mode, Fujichrome 50 Velvia, tripod..
The chrysidid (~ 4mm diameter) was captured by Achaearanea tepidariorum spider. P. sculpticollis is generally a rare species, but I found a microhabitat very favourable to the species. The russian Kiev lens (born for the 6x6 medium format) seems to be an excellent and very cheap macro lens, able to go far beyond the 2:1 magnification ratio if used with bellows or with extension tubes. The only problems are the weight and the manual diaphragm..


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