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Your web resource on Hymenoptera Chrysididae and Macrophotography

In progress researches

The Authors list herein their in-progress researches. This page is shared also with all those researchers who want to make public their studies, in order to receive precious notes or specimens for study and to increase their knowledge on the topic. Another page is dedicated to the abstracts of the published articles on the Italian Chrysidids.

Everybody who is studying (italian) Chrysidids is invited to make us know about his researches, in order to share information and to avoid an overlap in that study; the details will be published in the following list.

Agnoli G.L. - Parnopes linsenmaieri Agnoli, 1995 new statement

Agnoli G.L. - Ecological study of an arthopod community in an anthropized environment

Rosa P. - The Chrysidids of Abruzzo National Park (Italy)

Rosa P. - Description of a new Hedychridium from Sardegna

Rosa P. - Morphological analysis of the VIII sternite of Chrysidids






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