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Chrysidid faceThis section is an Introduction to Chrysidid wasps. Chrysidid wasps are insects belonging to the order of Hymenoptera, suborder Apocrita, infraorder Aculeata, superfamily Chrysidoidea, family Chrysididae. The scientific name of the family comes from the greek word krusòs meaning gold, because of the metallic-golden reflections of their body.

Their common names are: Chrysidids, Cuckoo-wasps, Gold wasps and Ruby-tailed wasps in English; Goldwespen in German; Guêpes dorèes or Guêpes d'or or Guêpes de feu or Guêpes coucou and Chrysidès in French; Avispas ladronas or Avispas doradas or Avispas cuco and Crisìdidos in Spanish and Portuguese; Vespe dorate, Vespe cuculo or Crisidi in Italian; Осы-блестянки (Osy-blestyanki = Chrysidid wasps) or блестянки (blestyanki = chrysidids) in Russian; Zlatih os in Slovenian; Goudwespen in Dutch; Guldhvepse in Danish; Guldsteklar in Swedish; Gullveps in Norwegian; Kultapistišiset in Finnish; Zlotolitki in Polish; Kuldherilased in Estonian; Krāšnlapsenes in Latvian; Fťmdarazsak in Hungarian; Zlatěnky or Zlatěnkovití in Czech; Blyskavky in Slovak; Viespilor aurii in Romanian.

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