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backMacrophoto-monographs: Chrysidids from Belgium

Here are some beautiful and interesting shots made by Maarten Jacobs in Belgium.

We like to put the attention on two shots in particular: the Hedychrum nobile female with mites attached and the incredible density of Hedychrum rutilans on a thistle.

The Author reports that: "the nectar supply in very dry or large sandy areas is often a problem for many insects. This picture was taken in an area with very few flowers and the only nectar supply was represented by few thistles on the border of the area. In a such situation I saw more than 15 goldwasps on each plant!".

click images to enlarge:

Elampus panzeri Hedychridium ardens Hedychridium coriaceum
Hedychrum nobile Hedychrum rutilans Chrysis ruddii


Digital Nikon Coolpix 4500 mounting (in some cases) a Raynox MSN-500 Super MacroScan close-up lens.

More photos and information:

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