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Uchida T., 1925 - A list of known species of the Corean Hymenoptera collected in 1922, and their geographical distributions. Insect World, Gifu, 29: 328-337, 366-373. [in Japanese]

Uchida T., 1926 - Ueber die Bethyliden Japans. Doubutsugaku zasshi, Tokyo, 38(453): 181-186.

Uchida T., 1927 - Eine uebersicht der Chrysididen Japans und mit den beschreibungen der neuen Arten und Varietaeten. Insecta Matsumurana, 1 (3): 149-157.

Uchida T., 1933 - Catalogue of Japanese Insects, II. Hymenoptera Chrysidide. Entomon. World, Tokyo, Fasc. 2. 8 pp.


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