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Your web resource on Hymenoptera Chrysididae and Macrophotography latest News News archive

05/2012 - The checklist of the Italian species according to their distribution in the administrative regions is available.

05/2012 - Updated the page on the Chrysidid morphology.

01/2012 - Updated the Photo Handbook (in Italian only).

12/2011 - The Introduction to Chrysidids is available in Russian language too, thanks to V.V. Fedorenko.

11/2011 - The key to the Italian Genera of Chrysidids is online (in Italian only).

10/2011 - Update of the Database of the Italian Chrysididae with the addition of many images -- thanks to the kind collaboration of friends and colleagues.

09/2011 - The Checklist of the Italian Chrysididae is now available in three forms: as a text list; or with the Italian Administrative regions; or with the thumbnails of the pictures.

08/2011 - Update of the Database of the Italian Chrysididae with a massive data filling and a near-final correction of the species list.

02/2011 - Update of the Database of the Italian Chrysididae: our checklist has been revised and now includes 229 species and 43 subspecies.

01/2011 - Great macrophotos of interesting Chrysididae made by Rainer Prosi.

12/2010 - Celebrating ten years of (April 2000 - April 2010).

12/2010 - has finally a Forum!

12/2010 - "Wasps from Sicily", a macrophoto-monograph by Gian Luca Agnoli.

12/2010 - New photo monographs: Parco del Delta del Po, Austria 2010, Turkey 2009, and Sicily 2009.

10/2010 - Added new drawings of Chrysididae made by Rob Tuckerman and C. Caspari.

10/2010 - New great shots made by Ruige Hoek and Frank Koehler

09/2010 - Our review of Canon's EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM lens [text in Italian only].

08/2010 - Two new impressive Canon EF lenses: EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6L IS USM and the EF 8-15mm f/4L USM Fisheye.

08/2010 - The new Canon EOS 60D digital reflex camera.

06/2010 - RSS Feed activated: get up-to-date with news!

01/2010 - Updated the Photo Handbook (in Italian only).

01/2010 - Added new postal stamps and drawings on Chrysidids.

12/2009 - After a recent violation of our site we are forced to block some IP addresses to prevent them from accessing our website.

09/2009 - The announcement of the incredible Canon EF 100mm F2.8 L USM Macro with Hybrid IS!

08/2009 - An impressive video on American Chrysidids made by Richard K. Walton.

08/2009 - August 15th 2009. Web site migrated to a new hosting.

04/2009 - The page on the Literature on Methocha has been updated.

04/2009 - The Database of Chrysidid Bibliography has been revised and updated and now comprises 2400+ entries.

04/2009 - New photo monographs: USA & Canada 2008; Corno alle Scale, Chioggia, Ferrara, Rovigo (Italy); Germany 2007; Kiev 2007.

03/2009 - The structure of the Database of the Italian Chrysididae now comprises the placeholders for the pictures habitus of the species and its chorology.

03/2009 - The abstracts of the published papers on Italian Chrysidids - updated.

03/2009 - Book reviews: The Chrysididae of the Aosta Valley, by Paolo Rosa.

03/2009 - Macrophoto-monographs: Notes on the biology of Hedychrum virens, by Paolo Rosa.

03/2009 - Drawings of Chrysididae - updated.

03/2009 - Postal stamps with Chrysidids - updated.

03/2009 - 21 March 2009: the new site is online!

03/2009 - Finally, we can announce that it is expected for the next few days the upload of the new site.

06/2008 - We start to work at the restyling and reorganization of the site. We plan to complete them before summer.

04/2008 - 30th April 2008. Web site successfully migrated to a new hosting.

12/2007 - wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

10/2007 - Published development roadmap page.

09/2006 - Fixed a bug in the Username length for the Database login.

06/2006 - Some beautiful shots made by Daan Kalmeijer and by Yvonnik Lhomer

04/2006 - Updated the Database of Chrysidid bibliography: 1,999 entries

12/2005 - Some beautiful shots made by Paolo Rosa

11/2005 - Videos of Chrysidids made by Marek W. Kozlowski and by Roeland Langendam

11/2005 - Updated the Database of Chrysidid bibliography

11/2005 - New photos of Chrysidids made by Andrej Gogala and Alexandre Anichtchenko

10/2005 - Updated the Statistics of web site

10/2005 - Updated the page on Canon digital cameras

02/2005 - Digital macrophotographs of Chrysidids made by Maarten Jacobs in Belgium.

10/2004 - A photo monograph on Stilbum cyanurum made by Alessio Perboni.

09/2004 - An interesting photo of a Chrysis mixta with Aphids made by A. Anichtchenko.

08/2004 - A nice shot of a Chrysura refulgens made by Maurizio Gigli.

08/2004 - Updated the Statistics of web site.

08/2004 - A very nice shot of Hedychrum nobile made by Daan Kalmeijer.

02/2004 - A nice photo of Chrysis ignita made by Yvonnik Lhomer.

01/2004 - Two very nice photos of Chrysura made by Andrej Gogala.

11/2003 - Our server under cyber criminal attack.

10/2003 - Two interesting photos made by Japanese photographers.

07/2003 - A good photo of a Chrysura made by Viera Vodrazkova.

07/2003 - A nice photo of a Holopyga made by Pierluigi Angioi.

07/2003 - restyling 2003: significant news.

07/2003 - The researches on the Italian Chrysidids of the last years: list and abstracts.

01/2003 - A new modern drawing of Chrysis made by Alexandre Anichtchenko.

12/2002 - restyling 2002: the new site is online, with a lot of new features.

12/2002 - Six impressive videos of Chrysididae made by Roeland Langendam.

12/2002 - The Database of Chrysidid Bibliography, made in collaboration with Paolo Rosa, is on line.

12/2002 - Presentation of the book "Wespen - beobachten, bestimmen" by Rolf Witt.

07/2002 - A guide to the online resources concerning Chrysididae.

07/2002 - New photos and new photo monographs added.

07/2002 - Some beautiful shots of Chrysidids made by Rolf Witt.

07/2002 - Two beautiful shots of a Chrysis ignita made by Hans Arentsen.

12/2001 - first birthday: one year on line.

11/2001 - Many thanks to Beat Wermelinger for the photo of a Chrysis.

11/2001 - An overview of the impressive Canon EOS-1D, professional digital reflex.

10/2001 - A very interesting study on the relationships between Chrysura refulgens and flowers made by Luciano Filippi.

10/2001 - Photo report of the attack & defence between a Mutillid (Myrmilla calva) and two Apoids (Halictus?).

10/2001 - We apologize for the recent problems, due to a bad service from our provider. Unfortunately, we can't predict when normal conditions will be re-established. We are searching for a good hosting and we are testing different providers to be at the top for the new year.

09/2001 - We express our sincere pain and our absolute fury for the tragedy fallen to America and to our World on the 11th of September 2001.

08/2001 - Due to the relevant foreign traffic, the site has moved to a Sun server housed in Winchester, U.S.A.

08/2001 - New chrysidid macros added, many thanks to Sytske Dijksen and to Hans Henderickx.

06/2001 - Many thanks to Christian Schmid-Egger, to Christoph Bleidorn, to Oliver Niehuis and to Paolo Rosa for the addition of many further literature titles.

06/2001 - Many thanks to Paolo Rosa and to Paul Butler for their macros of interesting Chrysididae.

06/2001 - A personal memory of Dr. Walter Linsenmaier.

06/2001 - Restyling of the site and addition of new scans and texts. Removed the winter logo, "frozen" for the next winter.

12/2000 - Many thanks to Hamish Robertson for the photos of a south african chrysidid and to Daan Kalmeijer for his beautiful photo of a Chrysis ignita.

11/2000 - Acquired the domain.

11/2000 - Many thanks to Peter Kubal and to Robert Ganz for their beautiful photos.

11/2000 - This site goes on line.

04/2000 - Acquired the domain


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