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Your web resource on Hymenoptera Chrysididae and Macrophotography restyling 2002 restyling 2002The current restyling offers a lot of implementations.

First of all, the Database of the Chrysidid Bibliography, which was filled thanks to the valid work by Dr. Paolo Rosa and engineered to PHP/MySQL technology by Alberto Berarducci. I wish to express my friendly thanks to them. The Database consists of more than 1,800 entries. The access to the DB is free as usual, but reserved to registered users. We decided a such procedure to keep a log of the visitors accessing the DB. The registration process is made in order to obtain a password to enter also the Database of the Italian Chrysididae, which will be available for the next year.

A global restyling of the site was decided to increase the usability of the site, by using the white backgroung for the text. Now the home page contains links to all the topics treated inside the site, which are distributed inside many hundreds of different pages. In fact, the site has increased, reaching about 100 MBytes of web space and a new web hosting in the USA is used. Some pages are offered in two languages, English and Italian: when this feature is available, you can change page language by clicking the flag at the right side of the top menu.

Thanks to the pleasance of Mr. Roeland Langendam can offer you some wonderful videos of Chrysidids from Holland, Europe. They are a very important and incredible documentation, in the name of which we are pleased to thank our collaborator. You can download them to your hard disk, but please remember the rules about Copyright of the Author (Roeland Langendam) and of the distributor ( If you need to use them you must contact the Author.

More additions in the other pages, new photos, the correction of the English translation, made by the kind collaboration of Dr. Eugenia Rinaldi, in conjunction with the splitting of the English from the Italian texts, made with patience by Luca Grilli, have been made. Three search forms querying Google, Open Directory and Scirus were embedded, to offer you the power of those tools.

We close this note renewing the invitation to you to collaborate to the site's growth, through your entomological and macrophotographic experiences useful to our visitors.

Gian Luca Agnoli

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