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Detailed statistics about visitor's sessions on site, drawn from the web server's log files of December 2009.

The most active Countries. Italy scores 26.67%, Hong Kong 17.35%, USA 15.03%, China 13.73%. In truth, such percentages are quite variable from month to month. In the first years N American visitors were the "pioneers" of the site and quickly reached a rate of 88% of the overall visits. At the end of 2008 the geographical proportions seemed heavily changed, with N America and Europe almost on a par and a strong growth of Asia.

Most Active Countries

Google keeps on being the search engine with the highest percentage in scanning our website and in showing references to it. Yandex is coming out...

Top Search Engines

The main Operating Systems of the visitors:

Most Used Operating Systems

The main Browsers used by visitors.

Most Used Browsers


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