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Chrysis ignita Linnaeus, 1758

Chrysis ignita  Linnaeus, 1758
Chorology: Palearctic
Chorology: Palearctic
Italian distribution of Chrysis ignita
Italian distribution


Help AiutoSystematic position of Chrysis ignita Linnaeus, 1758

Subfamily & Tribe Chrysidinae (Chrysidini) Size (mm)
Size (mm):
Genus & species Chrysis ignita Linnaeus, 1758
Species group ignita
Original combination Sphex ignita Linnaeus, 1758
Type series Lectotypus ♀ des. by Day, 1979 (Mus.: London)
Original description S. glabra nitida, thorace viridi, abdomine aureo: apice quadridentato.
Habitat in muris Europae.

Photo of the type
Systematic notes varieties: brevidens, curvidens, infuscata, uncifera

Help AiutoGeographic distribution of Chrysis ignita Linnaeus, 1758

World distribution
Type locality Europe
Kimsey & Bohart Palaearctic (Europe, Britain, Germany, Canarie, Italy, Algeria, URSS, Japan)
Linsenmaier Europe, N Africa, W Asia
Other Authors Palaearctic Region, India. Malta (Strumia, 1981)
Chorology Palearctic
Distribution notes  
Italian distribution according to the Checklist of the species of the Italian Fauna
Macroregion North (N): TRUE South (S): TRUE Sicily (Si): TRUE Sardinia (Sa): TRUE
Endemic FALSE
Italian distribution by Administrative Region (Personal evidences, Literature records and other sources)   
Adm. Region Personal records Literature records Forum Ent. It.
Piemonte|Piedmont TRUE TRUE Buysson, 1890 (as ignita brevidens and ignita uncifera); Zavattari, 1911; Invrea, 1922 (as ignita, ignita brevidens and ignita curvidens; on telegraphic poles, on palissades, flowers of umbrellifers and of Sedum and on bushes of Rosa infested by aphids); Rosa, 2002a, b, 2005a; Strumia, 2005; FALSE
Valle d'Aosta|Aosta V. TRUE TRUE Micheli, 1930; Guiglia, 1932; Invrea, 1941 (from nests of Odynerus oviventris); Strumia, 1990, 2005; Rosa, 2002c, 2005a, 2006a, 2006b; FALSE
Lombardia|Lombardy TRUE TRUE Rosa, 2002a, 2002b, 2005a; Strumia, 2002, 2005; FALSE
Trentino Alto Adige TRUE TRUE Cobelli, 1903; Grandi, 1954; Marcuzzi, 1956; Bonelli, 1966 (as ignita brevidens); Erlandsson, 1972; Rosa, 2005a, 2006b; Strumia, 2005; FALSE
Veneto TRUE TRUE Giordani Soika, 1932 (parasitoid of Eumenes pomiformis and Odynerus (Ancistrocerus) parietum); Strumia, 1990, 2005; Rosa, 2005a, 2006b FALSE
Friuli V.G. TRUE TRUE Graffe, 1895; Ducke, 1901; Kusdas, 1958; Kusdas & Thurner, 1958; Strumia, 2005; FALSE
Liguria TRUE TRUE Scopoli, 1763 (as Sphex ignitus); Spinola, 1806; Mantero, 1899 (as ignita infuscata); Rosa, 2005a; Strumia, 2005; FALSE
Emilia Romagna TRUE TRUE Grandi, 1927, 1935, 1954 (as ignita brevidens), 1962; Roberti, Frilli & Pizzaghi, 1965; Zangheri, 1969 (as ignita brevidens); Rosa, 2005a, 2005b, 2006b; Strumia, 2005; FALSE
Toscana|Tuscany TRUE TRUE Rossi, 1790; Contarini, 1843; Buysson, 1890; Mantero, 1905 (as ignita infuscata and ignita uncifera); Grandi, 1929, 1936, 1954; Strumia, 1990, 1995 (ypt), 2002, 2005; Rosa, 2005a, 2006b; Strumia, 2005; FALSE
Umbria TRUE TRUE Rosal 2005a; FALSE
Marche TRUE TRUE Erlandsson, 1972; FALSE
Lazio TRUE TRUE Lepri, 1911 (as ignita uncifera); Strumia, 1990, 1996, 2005; Rosa, 2005; FALSE
Abruzzo TRUE TRUE Zavattari, 1915; Grandi, 1957; Erlandsson, 1972; Rosa, 2004, 2006b; Strumia, 2005; FALSE
Campania FALSE TRUE Buysson, 1890; Costa, 1858; FALSE
Basilicata FALSE TRUE Strumia, 2005; FALSE
Calabria FALSE TRUE Costa, 1882; Invrea, 1933 (as ignita brevidens); Strumia, 2005; FALSE
Sicilia|Sicily FALSE TRUE Ghiliani, 1843; Sichel, 1860; De Stefani, 1888; Buysson, 1890; Strumia, 2005; FALSE
Sardegna|Sardinia FALSE TRUE Costa, 1883; Mantero, 1905a (as ignita infuscata and ignita uncifera); Invrea, 1952; Rosa, 2005a; Strumia, 2005; FALSE
Distribution notes

Help AiutoBiology of Chrysis ignita Linnaeus, 1758

Known Hosts
Vespa rufa (Berland & Bernard, 1938)
Eumenes pomiformis and Odynerus (Ancistrocerus) parietum (Giordani Soika, 1932); from nests of Odynerus oviventris (Invrea, 1941); Eumenes unguiculata, E. coarctata, E. pomiformis, Symmorphus murarius, S. sinuatus, S. crassicornis, Ancistrocerus parietum, A. pictus, A. antilope, A. callosus, A. bifasciatus, Odynerus spinipes, O. parietum, O. laevipes (Berland & Bernard, 1938). Odynerus nigricornis (Linsenmaier, 1959), Euodynerus posticus in canne di Arundo phragmites (Grandi, 1961), Odynerus, Eumenes (Linsenmaier, 1969), Ancistrocerus parietum, A. scoticus (Morgan, 1984), Ancistrocerus trifasciatus (Petit, 1987), Symmorphus bifasciatus, Ancistrocerus gazella (Witt, 1998)
Trypoxylon figulus, Philanthus triangulum, Cerceris ornata (Berland & Bernard, 1938)
Colletes davesianus (Berland & Bernard, 1938)
Osmia emarginata, O. caementaria, O. bicornis, Chelostoma florisomne (Berland & Bernard, 1938), Osmia rufa (Linsenmaier, 1959)
Notes on Hosts
Known Habitat
Habitat max. altitude: Trentino 1200 mts (Bonelli, 1966); old wood and poles (Invrea, 1920); on telegraphic poles and palissades (Invrea, 1922)
Plants for rest/refuge Ficus and Myrtus infested, Euphorbia (Invrea, 1920); flowers of umbrellifers and of Sedum and on bushes of Rosa infested by aphids (Invrea, 1922); infested leaves of Pyrus communis and Prunus laurocerasus, flowers of Tanacetum vulgare and of Angelica sylvestris (Petit, 1987); in holes of telegraphic poles (Invrea, 1920); in branches of Arundo phragmites (Grandi, 1961)
Biological notes  

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