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Last updated on June 8th, 2020

Welcome!  Willkommen!  Bienvenido!  Bienvenue!  Bem-vindo!  Välkommen!  Welkom!

Many thanks to all the visitors for their kind collaboration, which has been determinant for the growth and improvement of the site.

Our goals

Chrysis.net is a private project and its expression is a completely free website with the following aims:

  • to become a point of attraction for all those people curious about the peculiar Chrysidid wasps;
  • to become a point of attraction for all the entomologists interested in Chrysidids, a place where they can find the main information on the Family;
  • to become a point of attraction for all those people looking for help in bibliographical researches, in identifying specimens, in field research and in collecting Chrysidids;
  • to become a point of attraction for all those researchers who like to share news and information regarding Chrysidids;
  • to offer resources and inspiration inputs on Photography and – in particular – on Macrophotography.

The Authors


Chrysis.net is grateful to the many valuable scientists and kind visitors for their precious collaboration and we are proud to openly thank [in alphabetical order]:

  • Alexandre Anichtchenko (Russia)
  • Hans Arentsen (Holland)
  • Christoph Bleidorn (Germany)
  • Paul Butler (USA)
  • Sytske Dijksen (Holland)
  • Luciano Filippi (Italy)
  • Robert Ganz (USA)
  • Andrej Gogala (Slovenia)
  • Hans Henderickx (Belgium)
  • Maarten Jacobs (Belgium)
  • Daan Kalmeijer (Norway)
  • Lynn Siri Kimsey (USA)
  • Johann-Christoph Kornmilch (Germany)
  • Marek W. Kozlowski (Poland)
  • Peter Kubal (USA)
  • Roeland Langendam (Holland)
  • N. Larsen (S.Africa)
  • Yvonnik Lhomer (France)
  • Stephen Lenberger (USA)
  • Oliver Niehuis (Germany)
  • Maurizio Pavesi (Italy)
  • Alessio Perboni (Italy)
  • Christian Schmid-Egger (Germany)
  • Franco Strumia (Italy)
  • Viera Vodrazkova (Italy)
  • Beat Wermelinger (Switzerland)
  • Rolf Witt (Germany)

and many more.

Copyright, Authorship, and Ownership statements

All text and images of this page are copyright ©️ Chrysis.net unless otherwise stated - please see individual cases for authorship and copyright details. The specimens pictured are from the authors' or other collaborators' personal collections and from the collections of various museums. Unless otherwise specified, the whole content of this web site is for personal, non-commercial, scientific, and educational purposes given proper accreditation to the page from which they were derived are provided, and under Chrysis.net Terms and Conditions.

For citation purposes

Agnoli G.L. & Rosa P. (2024) About us, in: Chrysis.net website. Interim version 19 July 2024, URL: https://www.chrysis.net/about/about-us/.