Hymenoptera Chrysididae

Last updated on March 13th, 2022

This section deals with Hymenoptera Chrysididae.

Introduction to Hymenoptera Chrysididae

This section is an Introduction to Chrysidid wasps. Chrysidid wasps are insects belonging to the order of Hymenoptera, suborder Apocrita, infraorder Aculeata, superfamily Chrysidoidea, family Chrysididae. The scientific name of the family comes from the greek word krusòs meaning gold, because of the metallic-golden reflections of their body.

Research on Chrysididae

The database of the Italian Chrysididae collects information on the species of the Italian fauna. The database of Chrysidid Bibliography collects all the world references about Chrysididae. A list of the published papers on the Italian Chrysidids of the last years.

Database of the Italian Chrysididae

The Database of the Italian Chrysididae collects data on the italian species, with information on systematics, geographic distribution and biology.

Database of the Types of Chrysididae, Authors and Museums

For each species present in the database, a report containing its pictures, collecting data and conservation metadata are provided, and a link to the Museum’s record and to the Author’s record. The database will have a worldwide coverage.

Database of the World Bibliography of Chrysididae

The world literature on Chrysidids.

Published papers

The published papers on the Italian Chrysididae.

Image galleries of Chrysididae

Here you find some pictures of Chrysidids taken from ancient and modern publications, a gallery of macrophotos and some videos of specimens in action.


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