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Hedychridium wahisi Niehuis, 1998

Hedychridium wahisi  Niehuis, 1998
Chorology: Italian-continental
Chorology: Italian-continental
Italian distribution of Hedychridium wahisi
Italian distribution


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Subfamily & Tribe Chrysidinae (Elampini) Size (mm)
Size (mm):
Genus & species Hedychridium wahisi Niehuis, 1998
Species group plagiatum
Original combination Hedychridium wahisi Niehuis, 1998
Type series Holotypus ♂ (Mus.: Gembloux)
Original description Male. Size: Body length 4.8mm.
Head: Height 1.03mm, width 1.32mm, length 0.68mm. LID = 0.77mm. Head dark blue colored. Malar space 1.1 MOD long. Face (fig. 1A) flat with depressed scapal basin and with very fine hairs that are hard to recognize. Scapal basin punctate in outer one-third (PD = 0.045-0.030(-0.015)mm), transversely ridged in the middle. Transverse frontal carina absent. PD of vertex equal to that of face. Mandibles brown with two teeth on the interior edge. In dorsal view genae more or less parallel. Scapus of antenna dark brown or with weak dark blue metallic reflections. Pedicellus and flagellum non-metallic dark brown. Relative lengths of P/F-I/F-II are 2.0/2.5/1.0. F-III and the following flagellomers nearly as long as broad.
Thorax: Length 2.1mm, width 1.3mm, 1/w = 1/1.6. Pronotum (1/w = app. 1/1.8) golden colored except for the anterior margin and the lateral depression that are green or blue. Sculpture rather coarse, PD = (0.06-)0.045(-0.03)mm. Spaces between punctures varying between 0.2-1 PD, but usually under 0.5. Scutum dark blue colored. PD equal to that of pronotum but with reduced depth. Dorsal half of the mesopleuron golden colored. Other parts of mesopleuron dark blue or green. Scutellum golden colored and with a PD of 0.06-0.045mm. Spaces between punctures equal to that of the pronotum. Metanotum unmodified and black. Propodeum dark blue. Lateral propodeal tooth long drawn out (fig. 1B). Tibiae non-metallic brown, femora with weak dark blue metallic reflections.
Abdomen: Length 1.95mm, width 1.60mm, 1/w = 1/1.2. T-I golden in outer one fifth, black in the middle. Border between both parts appears green or blue. T-II golden with a big triangular spot. Broad side black and touching T-I; tip of triangular spot blue and reaching T-III. Apical margin of T-II with thin transverse blue line. PD in center of black spot 0.015mm, spaces between punctures <0.3 PD. T-III blue, apical margin with weak but conspicuous transverse swelling. T-III with very weak medial keel. S-I-II-III dark brown without metallic spots. The genital capsule is shown in fig. 1C.
Paratypes: Morphology and coloration about as in the holotype.
Distinction of the sexes: In females, the apical margin of S-III is weakly concave instead of weakly convex.
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Help AiutoGeographic distribution of Hedychridium wahisi Niehuis, 1998

World distribution
Type locality Italy (Lazio, Gallinaro)
Kimsey & Bohart  
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Chorology Italian-continental
Distribution notes  
Italian distribution according to the Checklist of the species of the Italian Fauna
Macroregion North (N): FALSE South (S): TRUE Sicily (Si): FALSE Sardinia (Sa): FALSE
Endemic TRUE
Italian distribution by Administrative Region (Personal evidences, Literature records and other sources)   
Adm. Region Personal records Literature records & References Other sources
Piemonte|Piedmont FALSE FALSE FALSE (detail)
Valle d'Aosta|Aosta V. FALSE FALSE FALSE (detail)
Lombardia|Lombardy FALSE FALSE FALSE (detail)
Trentino Alto Adige FALSE FALSE FALSE (detail)
Veneto FALSE FALSE FALSE (detail)
Friuli V.G. FALSE FALSE FALSE (detail)
Liguria FALSE FALSE FALSE (detail)
Emilia Romagna FALSE FALSE FALSE (detail)
Toscana|Tuscany TRUE FALSE FALSE (detail)
Umbria FALSE FALSE FALSE (detail)
Marche FALSE FALSE FALSE (detail)
Lazio FALSE TRUE Niehuis, 1998; FALSE (detail)
Abruzzo FALSE FALSE FALSE (detail)
Molise FALSE FALSE FALSE (detail)
Campania FALSE FALSE FALSE (detail)
Puglia|Apulia FALSE FALSE FALSE (detail)
Basilicata FALSE FALSE FALSE (detail)
Calabria FALSE FALSE FALSE (detail)
Sicilia|Sicily FALSE FALSE FALSE (detail)
Sardegna|Sardinia FALSE FALSE FALSE (detail)
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Known Hosts
Notes on Hosts
Known Habitat
Plants for rest/refuge  
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Agnoli G.L. & Rosa P., 2014 : Hedychridium wahisi Niehuis, 1998 . In: Database of the Italian Chrysididae, interim version 24 April 2014 . URL: