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back Taxonomy of Hymenoptera

The tree below does not consider the phylogenetic relationships, since many different visions are still discordant. According to the present-day classifications, the traditional sections (infraorders) 'Terebrantia' ('Parasitica') and 'Aculeata' of the Suborder 'Apocrita' have been abandoned in the direction of taxonomy based on Superfamilies.


Kingdom Animalia

Subkingdom Eumetazoa

Phylum Arthropoda

Subphylum Hexapoda

Class Insecta

Order Hymenoptera

Family Gerocynipidae
Family Palaeocynipidae
Family Rasnitsyniidae

Suborder Symphyta

Superfamily Cephoidea
Family Cephidae
Superfamily Megalodontoidea
Family Megalodontidae
Family Pamphilidae
Superfamily Orussoidea
Family Orussidae
Superfamily Siricoidea
Family Siricidae
Superfamily Tenthredinoidea
Family Argidae
Family Blasticotomidae
Family Cimbicidae
Family Diprionidae
Family Pergidae
Family Tenthredinidae
Superfamily Xyeloidea
Family Anaxyelidae
Family Xyelidae
Family Xiphydriidae

Suborder Apocrita

Superfamily Apoidea
Family Ampulicidae
Family Andrenidae
Family Apidae
Family Colletidae
Family Crabronidae
Family Halictidae
Family Heterogynaidae
Family Megachilidae
Family Melittidae
Family Sphecidae
Family Stenotritidae
Superfamily Ceraphronoidea
Family Ceraphronidae
Family Megaspilidae
Superfamily Chalcidoidea
Family Agaonidae
Family Aphelinidae
Family Chalcididae
Family Eucharitidae
Family Eulophidae
Family Eupelmidae
Family Eurytomidae
Family Leucospidae
Family Mymaridae
Family Ormyridae
Family Perilampidae
Family Pteromalidae
Family Rotoitidae
Family Signiphoridae
Family Tanaostigmatidae
Family Tetracampidae
Family Torymidae
Family Trichogrammatidae
Superfamily Chrysidoidea
Family Bethylidae
Family Chrysididae
Family Dryinidae
Family Embolemidae
Family Plumariidae
Family Sclerogibbidae
Family Scolebythidae
Superfamily Cynipoidea
Family Austrocynipidae
Family Cynipidae
Family Figitidae
Family Ibaliidae
Family Liopteridae
Superfamily Evanioidea
Family Aulacidae
Family Evaniidae
Family Gasteruptiidae
Superfamily Ichneumonoidea
Family Braconidae
Family Ichneumonidae
Superfamily Megalyroidea
Family Megalyridae
Superfamily Mymarommatoidea
Family Mymarommatidae
Superfamily Platygastroidea
Family Platygastridae
Family Scelionidae
Superfamily Proctotrupoidea
Family Austroniidae
Family Diapriidae
Family Heloridae
Family Monomachidae
Family Pelecinidae
Family Peradeniidae
Family Proctorenyxidae
Family Proctotrupidae
Family Roproniidae
Family Vanhorniidae
Superfamily Stephanoidea
Family Stephanidae
Superfamily Trigonalyoidea
Family Trigonalyidae
Superfamily Vespoidea
Family Bradynobaenidae
Family Formicidae
Family Mutillidae
Family Pompilidae
Family Rhopalosomatidae
Family Sapygidae
Family Scoliidae
Family Sierolomorphidae
Family Tiphiidae
Family Vespidae






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