De Wespen en Mieren van Nederland

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Peeters, T.M.J. , Achterberg, C. van , Heitmans, W.R.B.
De Wespen en Mieren van Nederland
[The Aculeate Wasps and Ants of the Netherlands]
(In Dutch)
Series: NEDERLANDSE FAUNA 6, 508 pp.
ISBN: 978-90-5011-174-4.
Price: € 48,71.


Summary. The wasps and ants constitute a significant portion of the Dutch fauna. Even in a small country like The Netherlands 408 species of wasp and 61 ants are recorded.

This book gives a general account of the current knowledge of the ecology, behaviour, evolutionary history, diversity, threats and conservation aspects of this group, as well as an identification key to all families and genera. Very useful data on the taxonomy, faunal status, distribution and ecology are provided for each species and genus.

Illustrated with hundreds of drawing, full colour photos, distribution maps and diagrams. Edited in cooperation with the Natural History Museum NATURALIS en EIS-Nederland, Leiden.

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