Fauna d’Italia, 40. Hymenoptera Sphecidae

Last updated on June 7th, 2020

Pagliano G. & Negrisolo E.
Hymenoptera Sphecidae
 (In Italian)
Series: FAUNA D’ITALIA, Vol. 40.
Il Sole 24 Ore – Edagricole, xii + 560 pp., figures, photos.
ISBN: 9788850651283.
ISBN-10: 8850651287.
EAN: 9788850651283.


Summary. Sfecids are a family of wasps distributed worldwide and well represented in Italy, where, in addition to native species, also some species from America and south-east Asia are recorded.

This book, which represents the state of the art of the research on Sfecids in Italy, provides a list of species recorded from Italy and analyzes, among other topics, the morphology, biology, and chorology. The Italian fauna, with more than 380 species, can be considered extremely rich in comparison with the 400 species known for the whole western Europe.


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