Author - Gian Luca Agnoli

20 years of online!

This year we are celebrating 20 years of online (2000 - 2020)

Unfortunately this year is saddened by the global tragedy caused by the Covid-19 virus: we are in solidarity with all those who have lost their loved ones and who in some cases have not even been able to assist them, or give them a last goodbye.

However, 2020 is also a fundamental anniversary for us at we celebrate 20 years of presence on the web. 20 years is a long time in a rapidly changing world, particularly in the world of the Internet. And we are celebrating this milestone by offering you an entirely new site.

We are a specialized site that has been of inspiration for many other sites and communities, and who has had an informative purposes for an audience that has gone beyond the simple numbers of our reference niche.

Despite the costs and the effort required, we are motivated to continue our mission with renewed enthusiasm.

With dedication,

Gian Luca Agnoli


A new web site! 2009 - 2020

In order to celebrate our 20 years of presence on the web (2000 - 2020) we are offering to you an entirely new website.

We've made a jump in technology, moving from a craft website to a site built with WordPress, and to a web hosting based on a dedicated Virtual Private Server, not shared anymore with hundreds - if not thousands - of other sites.

At present we have migrated the existing contents and such conversion has been extremely time-consuming, much more than we could ever expect: we are talking about hundreds of hours of two people - me and a friend developer from remote - partly spent in many calls via Hangouts/Telegram/Slack, infinite lines of chat, tickets, documents.

We took the opportunity from this migration to eliminate some obsolete pages, to update some contents and to review some navigation paths. Finally, an efficient Italian to English language management system has been added.

The choice of WordPress was not only dictated by a need for modernity, ease of updating and consistency, but above all by the idea that it will be easier to delegate the update of the various pages of the site, making this process finally faster.

Now that this troublesome migration has been closed, we can resume the many projects that we've left behind, such as the Database of the European Chrysidids, or the Database of the Types, Authors and Museums, the update of the Bibliographic database, the addition of new travel reports, etc.

With dedication,

Gian Luca Agnoli