Chrysis leachii Shuckard, 1837


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Chrysis leachii Shuckard, 1837

Chrysis leachii Shuckard, 1837
Chorology: Europeo-Mediterranean
Chorology: Europeo-Mediterranean
Italian distribution of Chrysis leachii
Italian distribution

Systematic position of Chrysis leachii Shuckard, 1837

Subfamily & Tribe Chrysidinae (Chrysidini) Size (mm)
Size (mm):
Genus & species Chrysis leachii Shuckard, 1837
Species group leachii-succincta
Original combination Chrysis leachii Shuckard, 1837
Type series Typus ?
Original description Face and occiput blue; vertex green; prothorax, mesothorax, and scutellum, of a rich golden red, with their sutures playing into a deep blue-green; metathorax blue; abdomen, with the first segment, of a golden green, playing into blue; the second and third, as far as its transverse ridge, of a rich golden red, with a centrah elevated, longitudinal, blue line passing down the second; the apical portion of the third segment blue; the femorae, tibiae, and first joint of the antennae, of a golden green; the flagellum of the latter black; the tarsi piceous; the wings hyaline; the head and thorax are deeply punctured, and the abdomen delicately so. (Length, 2 lines.)
This very beautiful species stands as "Chrysis nitidula ?" in the collection of the British Museum; but Fabricius having described one by that name from America, I have altered it to the name of a gentleman, who deservedly stands high in the estimation of all naturalists, and especially of entomologists.
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Geographic distribution of Chrysis leachii Shuckard, 1837

World distribution

Type locality unknown
Kimsey & Bohart Palaearctic: Europe (Britain), Turkey, Middle East
Linsenmaier S France, Italy, S Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Austria, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Dalmatia, Corfu, Greece, Anatolia
Other Authors Mediterranean area
Chorology Europeo-Mediterranean
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Geographic distribution of Chrysis leachii Shuckard, 1837

Italian distribution according to the Checklist of the species of the Italian Fauna

Macroregion North (N): South (S): Sicily (Si): Sardinia (Sa):

Italian distribution by Administrative Region (Personal evidences, Literature records and other sources)

Adm. Region Literature records FEI records Personal records
Piemonte|Piedmont Gribodo, 1874; Invrea, 1922 (on umbrellifers and on Rosa with aphids); Rosa, 2002c, 2005; Strumia, 2005;
Valle d Aosta|Aosta V. Rosa, 2002c, 2005a; 2006a;
Lombardia|Lombardy Rosa, 2002a, 2002b, 2005a; Strumia, 2005;
Trentino Alto Adige Cobelli, 1903; Marcuzzi, 1956; Bonelli, 1966; Hellrigl, 1996; Rosa, 2005a;
Friuli V.G. Graffe, 1895 (on umbrellifers and on Euphorbia); Ducke, 1901; Kusdas, 1958; Kusdas & Thurner, 1958;
Liguria Mantero, 1899 (probable parasitoid of Tachysphex nitidus Spin.); Rosa, 2005a; Strumia, 2005;
Emilia Romagna Grandi, 1927, 1931, 1954; Rosa, 2005b; Strumia, 2005;
Toscana|Tuscany Buysson, 1890; Mantero, 1905; Grandi, 1929, 1959; Strumia, 2002, 2005; Rosa, 2005a, 2006b;
Marche Erlandsson, 1972;
Lazio Strumia, 2005;
Abruzzo Rosa, 2004;
Sicilia|Sicily De Stefani, 1888; Mocsáry, 1889; Arnone & Romano, 1995;
Sardegna|Sardinia Strumia, 2005;
Distribution notes

Biology of Chrysis leachii Shuckard, 1837

Known Hosts

Sphecidae ?Tachysphex nitidus Spin. (Mantero, 1899); Tracheliodes quinquenotatus, Diodontus minutus, Miscophus bicolor (Berland & Bernard, 1938), Diodontus minutus F. and Tracheliodes quinquenotatus Jur. (Grandi, 1951, 1961), Miscophus bicolor (Linsenmaier, 1959)
Notes on Hosts

Known Habitat

Plants for rest/refuge umbrellifers and Euphorbia (Graffe, 1895); infested leaves of Peach and Orange and Myrtus, Daucus (Invrea, 1920); umbrellifers and Rosa with aphids (Invrea, 1922); in Rubus (Invrea, 1920)
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