Hedychridium jucundum Mocsáry, 1889


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Hedychridium jucundum Mocsáry, 1889

Hedychridium jucundum Mocsáry, 1889
Chorology: Turano-European
Chorology: Turano-European
Italian distribution of Hedychridium jucundum
Italian distribution

Systematic position of Hedychridium jucundum Mocsáry, 1889

Subfamily & Tribe Chrysidinae (Elampini) Size (mm)
Size (mm):
Genus & species Hedychridium jucundum Mocsáry, 1889
Species group ardens
Original combination Holopyga (Hedychridium) iucunda Mocsáry, 1889
Type series Lectotypus ♀ des. by Moczar (1964) (Mus.: Budapest)
Original description Parva. sat robusta, viridi-cyanea, parce pilosa; fronte et vertice; pronoi parte postica, mesonoto item cum scutello viridi-cupreoque auratis; macula verticis et pronoti parte postica violascentibus; postscutello metanotoque laete-cyaneis; cavitate faciali et pronoto antice viridi- vel laete-cyaneis, illa planiuscula, dense punctulato-coriacea, lateribus argenteo-pilosa; antennis tenuibus, nigris, scapo viridi; vertice, dense subtiliter minus distincte, postscutello fortius regulariter punctato-reticulatis, pro- et mesonoto coriaceo-rugosis punctulis sparsis maiusculis rotundatis, scutello crasse punctato et punctulato; abdominis segmentis dorsalibus viridi-auratis, basi viridi-cyaneis, secundo disco macula ignita vel cuprata saepius infuscata notato, omnibus valde dense subtilissime punctulatis; ventre nigro-piceo, nitido, segmento secundo disco viridi-aureo-maculato; femoribus tibiisque viridi-auratis, tibiarum apice tarsisque rufo-testaceis; alis subfumatis, iridescentibus, venis fuscis, tegulis nigro-aeneis. ♂♀; long. 4—4 1/2 mm.
Holop. ardenti Coqueb. simillima: sed vertice et pronoti parte postica concinne violascentibus, postscutello cum metanoto laete-cyaneis (non vero postscutello aurato) vel viridi-aurato, abdominis segmentis dorsalibus magis viridi-auratis, secundo disco macula ignita saepiusque infuscata notato, praesertim distincta.
Synonyms and subspecies Hedychridium jucundum Mocsáry, 1889: 150. Lectotypus ♀ (Móczár, 1964), France (Budapest)
Systematic notes Rosa (2006) - after the examination of paralectotypes in Gribodo's collection - suggests that homeopathicum is infans sensu Linsenmaier and infans is jucundum sensu Linsenmaier. Thus, jucundum should be a synonym of infans.

Geographic distribution of Hedychridium jucundum Mocsáry, 1889

World distribution

Type locality Hungary and Austria
Kimsey & Bohart Palaearctic: S Europe (France), SW URSS
Linsenmaier S France, Italy, Corsica, Dalmatia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Caucasus, Spain, Germany
Other Authors Europe
Chorology Turano-European
Distribution notes  

Geographic distribution of Hedychridium jucundum Mocsáry, 1889

Italian distribution according to the Checklist of the species of the Italian Fauna

Macroregion North (N): South (S): Sicily (Si): Sardinia (Sa):

Italian distribution by Administrative Region (Personal evidences, Literature records and other sources)

Adm. Region Literature records FEI records Personal records
Piemonte|Piedmont Invrea, 1922 (as Hedychridium minutum jucundum); Rosa, 2002c, 2005a; Strumia, 2005;
Valle d Aosta|Aosta V. Rosa, 2002c, 2006a;
Lombardia|Lombardy Rosa, 2002a, 2002b, 2005a; Strumia, 2005;
Trentino Alto Adige Rosa, 2005a;
Veneto Giordani Soika, 1932 (as H. minutum jucundum, probable parasitoid of Stizus tridens F.); Negrisolo, 1995; Rosa, 2005a; Strumia, 2005;
Friuli V.G. Kusdas, 1958 (as Hedychridium ardens jucundum); Strumia, 2005
Liguria Invrea, 1921 (as H. minutum jucundum on flowers of Mentha rotundifolia L.); Rosa, 2005a; Strumia, 2005;
Emilia Romagna Rosa, 2004, 2005a, 2005b, 2006b; Strumia, 2005;
Toscana|Tuscany Grandi, 1929 (as Hedychridium minutum jucundum); Grandi, 1930 (as Hedychridium minutum jucundum); Strumia, 1990, 1995 (ypt), 2002, 2005; Rosa, 2005a;
Lazio Rosa, 2005a; Strumia, 2005;
Abruzzo Rosa, 2004, 2005a;
Puglia|Apulia Strumia, 2005;
Basilicata Strumia, 2005;
Calabria Rosa, 2005; Strumia, 2005;
Sicilia|Sicily Strumia, 2005;
Sardegna|Sardinia Rosa, 2005a; Strumia, 2005;
Distribution notes

Biology of Hedychridium jucundum Mocsáry, 1889

Known Hosts

Sphecidae probable parasitoid of Stizus tridens F. (Giordani Soika, 1932);
Notes on Hosts

Known Habitat

Plants for rest/refuge Mentha rotundifolia L. (Invrea, 1921)
Biological notes  

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