Hedychridium roseum (Rossi, 1790)


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Hedychridium roseum (Rossi, 1790)

Hedychridium roseum (Rossi, 1790)
Chorology: Palearctic
Chorology: Palearctic
Italian distribution of Hedychridium roseum
Italian distribution

Systematic position of Hedychridium roseum (Rossi, 1790)

Subfamily & Tribe Chrysidinae (Elampini) Size (mm)
Size (mm):
Genus & species Hedychridium roseum (Rossi, 1790)
Species group roseum-sculpturatum
Original combination Chrysis carnea var. rosea Rossi, 1790
Type series Syntypi (Mus.: lost)
Original description Alia specimina habeo fere triplo minore, capite thoraceque viridi-coeruleis, abdomine toto carneo, apice pone rotundato, edentato, aculeo crasso, tibiis coeruleis, quae novam speciem sub nomine C. Roseae statuere videntur: thorax in hac ad latera dentatus. Tab VIII. f.s.c C. Carnea ? fig. 7. C. Rosea.
Habitant in silvis rarissime.
Synonyms and subspecies Chrysis carnea var. rosea Rossi, 1790: 75. Holotypus ?, Italy (Mus.?).
Chrysis rufum Panzer, 1801: f.79, t.16. Holotypus ?, Germany (Mus.?).
Chrysis rosae Dahlbom, 1829: 13. Holotypus ?, Switzerland (Mus.?).
Hedychrum erchovi Radoszkowski, 1877: 6. Syntypi, Uzbekistan (Moscow?).
Hedychrum suave Tournier, 1878: 308. Holotypus ♀, Switzerland (Genève).
Euchrum turanum Semenov, 1954: 103. Holotypus ♂, URSS (St. Petersburg)
Hedychridium roseum ssp. bohemicum Spaçek, 1935: 117. Holotypus ?, Czeck Rep. (Mus.?).
Hedychridium roseum ssp. sudeticum Spaçek, 1935: 118. Holotypus ?, Czech Rep. (Mus.?).
Hedychridium roseum f. nitens Hoffer, 1937: 65. Holotypus ?, Czech Rep. (Mus.?); invalid name.
Hedychridium roseum f. spaceki Hoffer, 1937: 66. Holotypus ?, Czech Rep. (Mus.?); invalid name.
Hedychridium roseum var. cypriacum Balthasar, 1954: 54. Holotypus ?, Cyprus (Prague)
Systematic notes Kimsey & Bohart (1990) considered lampas (Chr.) and lampadum Lins. synonyms of roseum.

Geographic distribution of Hedychridium roseum (Rossi, 1790)

World distribution

Type locality Italy: Tuscany
Kimsey & Bohart Palaearctic: widespread (Italy)
Linsenmaier Europe, Holland, Fennoscandia, Greece, W Asia, Siberia, Manchuria, N Africa
Other Authors Palaearctic Region
Chorology Palearctic
Distribution notes  

Geographic distribution of Hedychridium roseum (Rossi, 1790)

Italian distribution according to the Checklist of the species of the Italian Fauna

Macroregion North (N): South (S): Sicily (Si): Sardinia (Sa):

Italian distribution by Administrative Region (Personal evidences, Literature records and other sources)

Adm. Region Literature records FEI records Personal records
Piemonte|Piedmont Giorna, 1791 (as Chrysis carnea minor); Gribodo, 1874 (as Hedisorum); Invrea, 1922 (on umbrellifers); Pagliano & Scaramozzino, 1999 (parasitoid of Tachysphex pompiliformis Panz. and of Lasioglossum calceatum (Scop.)); Rosa, 2002c, 2005a (on flowers of Daucus carota); Strumia, 2005;
Valle d Aosta|Aosta V. Rosa, 2002c; 2005a, 2006a;
Lombardia|Lombardy Rosa, 2002a, 2002b, 2005a; Strumia, 2005;
Trentino Alto Adige Cobelli, 1903; Rosa, 2005a;
Friuli V.G. Graffe, 1895; Kusdas & Thurner, 1955; Kusdas, 1958; Strumia, 2005a;
Liguria Mantero, 1899; Rosa, 2005a; Strumia, 2005;
Emilia Romagna Grandi, 1927, 1931, 1954, 1962 (as Hedychrum); Maidhof & Maschwitz, 1967; Zangheri, 1969; Rosa, 2005a (on flowers of Daucus carota), 2005b, 2006b; Strumia, 2005;
Toscana|Tuscany Rossi, 1792 (as Chrysis rosea); Mantero, 1905; Grandi, 1929, 1930, 1936; Strumia, 1990, 1995 (yellow paint trap), 2005; Rosa, 2005a, 2006b; Strumia, 2005;
Umbria Strumia, 2005;
Marche Strumia, 2005;
Lazio Lepri, 1910; Strumia, 2005;
Abruzzo Grandi, 1957; Grandi, 1958; Rosa, 2006b;
Molise Strumia, 2005;
Calabria Invrea, 1933; Rosa, 2005a;
Sicilia|Sicily De Stefani, 1888 (as Hedychrum); Strumia, 2005;
Distribution notes

Biology of Hedychridium roseum (Rossi, 1790)

Known Hosts

Sphecidae Gorytes tumidus, Tachysphex pectinipes, Astata rufipes (Berland & Bernard, 1938), Astata boops (Linsenmaier, 1968), Astata boops (Schr.), Tachysphex pompiliformis (Pz.), Gorytes tumidus (Pz.) (Morgan, 1984), Tachysphex pompiliformis Panz. (Pagliano & Scaramozzino, 1999)
Apidae   Lasioglossum calceatum (Scop.) (Pagliano & Scaramozzino, 1999)
Notes on Hosts

Known Habitat

Habitat collected with yellow paint trap (Strumia, 1995)
Plants for rest/refuge Daucus carota L. (Invrea, 1920), on umbrellifers (Invrea, 1922)
Biological notes  

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