Omalus aeneus (Fabricius, 1787)


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Omalus aeneus (Fabricius, 1787)

Omalus aeneus (Fabricius, 1787)
Chorology: Holarctic
Chorology: Holarctic
Italian distribution of Omalus aeneus
Italian distribution

Systematic position of Omalus aeneus (Fabricius, 1787)

Subfamily & Tribe Chrysidinae (Elampini) Size (mm)
Size (mm):
Genus & species Omalus aeneus (Fabricius, 1787)
Species group  
Original combination Chrysis aenea Fabricius, 1787
Type series Holotype (Mus.: Copenhagen)
Original description C. glabra aenea nitida, pedibus antennisque fuscis. Habitat Halae Saxonum Dom. Hybner.
Statura parva omnino C. auratae at tota aenea nitida antennis pedibusque solis fuscis. Alae apice fuscae
Synonyms and subspecies  
Systematic notes  

Geographic distribution of Omalus aeneus (Fabricius, 1787)

World distribution

Type locality Germany (Halle)
Kimsey & Bohart Palaearctic: widespread (Germany)
Linsenmaier Europe, Anatolia
Other Authors Holarctic Region
Chorology Holarctic
Distribution notes  

Geographic distribution of Omalus aeneus (Fabricius, 1787)

Italian distribution according to the Checklist of the species of the Italian Fauna

Macroregion North (N): South (S): Sicily (Si): Sardinia (Sa):

Italian distribution by Administrative Region (Personal evidences, Literature records and other sources)

Adm. Region Literature records FEI records Personal records
Piemonte|Piedmont Abeille, 1879; Buysson, 1890 (as Ellampus); Invrea, 1922 (as Ellampus on umbrellifers and on bushes of Rosa infested by aphids); Rosa, 2002c, 2005a; Strumia, 2005;
Valle d Aosta|Aosta V. Rosa, 2002c, 2006a;
Lombardia|Lombardy Rosa, 2002a, 2002b, 2005a; Strumia, 2002;
Trentino Alto Adige Dalla Torre & Kohl, 1879; Cobelli, 1903, 1910 (as Ellampus); Marcuzzi, 1956; Erlandsson, 1972; Hellrigl, 1996; Rosa, 2005a; Strumia, 2005;
Veneto Giordani Soika, 1932 (as Ellampus); Rosa, 2005a; Strumia, 2005;
Friuli V.G. Graffe, 1895 (as Ellampus); Kusdas & Thurner, 1955; Kusdas, 1958;
Liguria Spinola, 1808 (as H. aeneum); Mantero, 1899 (as Ellampus); Invrea, 1921 (as Ellampus on Ficus infested by Ceroplates rusci L.); Rosa, 2005a; Strumia, 2005;
Emilia Romagna Grandi, 1927 (as Ellampus); Roberti, Frilli & Pizzaghi, 1965; Rosa, 2005a, 2005b; Strumia, 2005;
Toscana|Tuscany Grandi, 1954 (as Ellampus); Strumia, 1990; Strumia, 1990, 1997 (host of Psenulus pallipes); Rosa, 2005a;
Umbria Rosa, 2005a;
Marche Erlandsson, 1972;
Lazio Lepri, 1911 (as Ellampus); Rosa, 2005;
Sardegna|Sardinia Strumia, 1995;
Distribution notes

Biology of Omalus aeneus (Fabricius, 1787)

Known Hosts

Sphecidae Stigmus solskyi Mor. (Invrea, 1941), Passaloecus tenuis Mor., turionum Dhlb., chevrieri Tourn. (Grandi, 1961), Pemphredoninae (Morgan, 1984), Psenulus atratus, Passaloecus eremita and cuspidatus, Pemphredon rufiger Dhlb., Pemphredon (Kimsey & Bohart, 1990), Psenulus pallipes (Strumia, 1997)
Notes on Hosts

Known Habitat

Plants for rest/refuge Ficus infested by Ceroplates rusci L. (Invrea, 1921), bushes of Rosa, Arundo donax L., Lavatera arborea L., Peach and Ficus infested, Pyrus communis L., umbrellifers (Invrea, 1922), Ribes rubrum (Grandi, 1961), Euphorbia (Schmidt, 1977); nests in Rubus (Invrea, 1941)
Biological notes  

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