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Database of the Italian Chrysididae: Species list

Here you find the list of the 260 Italian chrysidids, comprising 214 species and 46 subspecies subdivided into 19 Genera. The notation "[E]" indicates an italian Endemism. You can click each species in order to load its detailed record.


08/2014 - Added taxa: Chrysis cingulicornis dalmatina Linsenmaier, 1959 and Stilbum calens wesmaeli Dahlbom, 1845. Deleted taxa: Praestochrysis lusca (Fabricius, 1804). Renamed taxa: Holopyga generosa to Holopyga fastuosa generosa (F�rster, 1853); Holopyga generosa proviridis to Holopyga fastuosa proviridis Linsenmaier, 1959.


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